Bob Kerr: The problem is strictly from hunger

The Iraq war has been the war fought on the cheap -- not enough body armor, not enough armor on vehicles, not enough night vision equipment. It has been the war in which packages from back home have had to fill some crucial needs.

Now, we have chow call at the Greenwood Credit Union in Warwick. It's the latest in home-front intervention. It's partially in response to the unthinkable image of U.S. Marines approaching Iraqi citizens and asking for food because they do not have enough.

Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over Justification for Iraq Invasion

By Democracy Now!

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld comes under fire from retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern at a speech in Atlanta on Thursday. Rumsfeld was interrupted by protesters several times in his address. We speak with McGovern and play excerpts from the event.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Atlanta on Thursday to speak at the Southern Center for International Studies. Minutes after he began speaking, a protester held up a yellow banner that read "Guilty of War Crimes" and then began to shout. Moments later, Rumsfeld was interrupted several times by other members of the audience. By the end of his speech, security had escorted three protesters out of the building.

GADFLY: What They Knew and When They Knew It


It now seems beyond question that, at the very least, Karl Rove will be indicted for perjury, false statements and/or obstruction of justice in what's come to be known as "Plamegate" (the outing of a CIA agent to extract revenge against her husband, Ambassador Wilson, for challenging the President's assertion that Saddam was buying nuclear materials from Africa). The corporate media and the blogosphere are abuzz, speculating on the timing of Rove's indictment, and laying the foundation for such an indictment

Should Republicans Impeach Bush Themselves?

By John Yewell,

The Republican midterm election strategy -- to run from Bush by localizing issues and candidates -- has one essential flaw: Republicans themselves have spent the last five years nationalizing Congress.

Its success depends on voters forgetting, in the face of Democratic reminders, the discipline of which Republicans themselves have long boasted.

Clinton, Vilsack have not joined bevy of Dems calling on Rumsfeld to resign

By Roxana Tiron, The Hill

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack stand out among the bevy of 2008 Democratic hopefuls for refraining from calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation in recent weeks.

For most of the potential candidates, Rumsfeld’s recent public flogging by several retired generals only renewed the calls for Rumsfeld’s departure they’ve made over the past few years.

We've Lost a Brother

From the Washington Peace Center

Damu was the founder of Black Voices for Peace and a visionary leader. We mourn his passing.


Dear Friends,

We have just learned that our brother, Damu Smith, passed away early in the morning of May 5th, 2006. Funeral/Memorial information is not yet available, but folks can consult for informational updates.

Please keep Damu and his loved ones in your thoughts and prayers as he makes this passage.

Washington Post Blogger Makes Laughable Attempt to Defend Rumsfeld Against McGovern

By David Swanson

WaPo's William Arkin has posted a blog with the headline "Rumsfeld Didn't Lie, But He Should Still Go."

He quotes Rumsfeld's exchange with Ray McGovern and then writes: "If the issue here is Saddam Hussein's connection to al Qaeda and his involvement in 9/11, to the 'bulletproof' evidence the administration claimed, and more important for America, to the likelihood that Saddam would have ever shared any WMD with terrorists -- the true strategic assumption behind the Iraq war and the justification for our entire WMD obsessed foreign policy today -- McGovern scored."

An Excellent Reason Not to Join the Military

By Aimee Allison,

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military to be published on May 18, 2006 by The New Press.

Aimee Allison served as a medic in the Army Reserves and received an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector during the Persian Gulf War.

I desperately wanted out of my small-minded hometown of Antioch, California, and the military recruiter on my high school campus promised me an escape hatch. The family that my white mother and African American father created was based on the belief that the hard work and democratic values of 1960s activists made equality my birthright.

Excerpt: The Bush Agenda

By Antonia Juhasz,

An uncharacteristically somber George Walker Bush approached the podium of the Great Hall of the United Nations on Sept. 14, 2005. As the president stood in midtown Manhattan to address the gathered members of the General Assembly, much of the U.S. Gulf Coast lay buried beneath a sea of water, mud, waste, sand and debris. Two days before, the bodies of 45 people had been discovered in a flooded New Orleans hospital, adding to a death toll that already exceeded a thousand. Over one million people were without homes, including tens of thousands just recently released from the New Orleans Convention Center and Superdome, where they were forced to stay for almost a week without food, water or electricity while outdoor temperatures exceeded a sweltering 100 degrees.

Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination

By Joshua Holland,

Antonia Juhasz, author of 'The Bush Agenda,' explains what Bush really means when he says he wants to spread freedom around the world.

When George W. Bush says that he wants to spread freedom to every corner of the earth, he means it.

But of course the president that turned Soviet-era gulags into secret CIA prisons in order to do God-knows-what to God-knows-whom isn't talking about individual freedom. He means corporate freedom -- freedom for the great multinationals to extract everything they can from the world's resources and labor without the hindrance of public interest laws, environmental regulations or worker protections.

'End the War Tour:' Coming to Your Area!

If you live in Santa Monica, Seattle, DC, Long Island, Baltimore, or London, you're in luck. Contributors to the New Press' "Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal" (by Anthony Arnove) and "10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military" (edited by Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, with an excerpt posted on AlterNet today) are on tour next week, featuring activists, musicians, veterans and teachers to stimulate discussion and counter-recruitment organizing.

Bye Bye Blair, Say Hi to Berlusconi and Aznar, Dubya Will Be Joining You Momentarily

The poodle man's party has suffered another electoral defeat, and is calling for Tony's resignation. The BBC says: "Supporters of the man long seen as prime-minister-in-waiting, Chancellor Gordon Brown, believe the drubbing is a direct consequence of the prime minister's waning authority and refusal to listen to voters' concerns over a whole series of policies on the welfare state, civil liberties and, still, the war on Iraq."

Critics of the Iraq War Put Rumsfeld on the Defensive

Catch Ray McGovern on Democracy Now! this morning, and this afternoon at 1 p.m. PT on KPFK. Here's the LA Times:

Critics of the Iraq War Put Rumsfeld on the Defensive
His speech in Atlanta is interrupted three times. In a Q&A, a former CIA analyst calls him a liar.
By Peter Spiegel, Times Staff Writer
May 5, 2006

WASHINGTON — When Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld goes on the road to deliver a speech, it's usually in front of a relatively respectful audience: U.S. troops stationed overseas, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation dinner have been among his appearances this year.

Little dissent on resolution urging impeachment of Bush, Cheney

Shannon Kissinger Times-Standard
Eureka Times Standard,

Arcata -- It was time to “run those bastards out of there.”

That was the message from Arcata City Councilman Dave Meserve Wednesday night -- a message echoed by the council when it voted 3 to 2 to authorize Mayor Michael Machi to send a letter to Assemblywoman Patty Berg and Sen. Wesley Chesbro urging their support for Assembly Joint Resolution 39 -- calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Letter: Impeach Bush/Cheney now!

To the Editor:

We must impeach Bush/Cheney NOW in order to end the War for Oil in the Middle East, stop the torture and illegal detentions in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan, end the illegal wire tapping of American citizens, and uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States.

There is overwhelming evidence of many impeachable offenses (see and ). The longer that Congress delays impeachment proceedings, the higher the chances are that the Bush/Cheney Administration will attack Iran, which will spread the War for OIL throughout the Middle East for decades to come. The War President is even considering the use of nuclear weapons on Iran, and the corporate masters who control the White House are power hungry enough and sick enough to do it, as empire building is more important to them than human life or the environment.

Media Coverage of "Emergency" War Spending Blacks Out Any Mention of Amendment Banning Spending on Permanent Bases

By David Swanson

Check Bloomberg, or The New York Times, or Knight Ridder, or as far as I know any other outlet, and you will not find mention in the articles about the spending bill the fact that both houses added amendments banning the use of the money for building permanent bases in Iraq. However, separate short articles do mention this important development in the Oakland Tribune and corporately related newspapers in Northern California, home of Rep. Barbara Lee, who authored the amendment in the House. The Boston Globe today printed an op-ed calling for the U.S. to announce it won't build permanent military bases, yet the Globe has not informed its readers that Congress has effectively done just that (until it's illegally stripped out behind the closed doors of a conference committee).

Tomgram: On Bombing Iran and Other Fantasies of American Power

[Note to Tomdispatch readers: The following essay was much influenced by Mark Danner's comments on the "preponderance" of American power in an interview I did with him for this site. His latest book, a tiny but important paperback, The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq War's Buried History (introduction by Frank Rich), has just come out. It includes three pieces that appeared at Tomdispatch thanks to the kindness of the editors of the New York Review of Books. It is, in my opinion, a must-buy. Tom]

Ray, You Da Man!

Posted on
by Larry C Johnson

Leave it to the former Presidential Daily Briefer for George Herbert Walker
Bush to lay the wood on Rummy. Don Rumsfeld would deny that the Sun rises in
the east even if he was strapped naked and spead eagle on a cross facing
Mecca. Perhaps Rummy and Cheney could get together a do a road show. The
working title? Denial Ain't a River in Egypt.

Creative Fears Watch

By David Swanson

Those who favor impeachment but wet themselves in fear when big scary Republicans walk by never cease to amaze with their creative ideas of what to fear from pursuing what they want to pursue: impeachment. Here's an LA City Beat article that's afraid of Cheney (yeah, yeah, that's an old stand by) but also afraid that focusing on Bush would help Republicans who are distancing themselves from him. Now that's creative defeatism! We've lowered Bush's credibility and popularity so far that his own loyal court jesters are looking for palace exits, and therefore we should shut up because we're actually benefitting his court? Amazing.

Rumsfeld Radio on Friday May 5

Catch Ray McGovern and David Swanson on KPFK between 1 and 2 p.m. PT, Friday, May 5, 2006. Ray publicly grilled Rumsfeld on his lies on Thursday.

Grass roots activists call for president's impeachment

Last week, some 70 concerned citizens from southern Rhode Island towns met in the Peace Dale library to discuss the current state of affairs in the nation.

The meeting was arranged by two local organizations: Jamestown Justice and Peace Advocacy Group, and South Kingstown Justice and Peace Action Group, who appealed to citizens from surrounding communities to meet and discuss the country's current political climate. Speakers addressed topics,including Constitutional violations by the current administration, the war in Iraq, and impending war with Iran, the possibility of using nuclear weapons

I haven't lied about Iraq, says Rumsfeld

By Will Dunham,

Washington - Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld faced tough questions and hecklers during a stormy speech in Atlanta on Thursday, with a former CIA analyst accusing him of lying his way into the Iraq war.

Rumsfeld, an unyielding defender of the war, denied lying. He told an audience at the Southern Centre for International Studies that the Bush administration gave an "honest opinion" that prewar Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Knight Rider: Murder and Plunder Mean Honors for Armitage

By Chris Floyd

Richard Armitage: First in war, first in subversion, first in the hearts of someone else's countrymen.

For his outstanding service in leading America and Britain into an illegal war of aggression that has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, as well as his heroic role in running guns and money to the dope-dealing terrorist bands that sought to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicaragua, Richard Armitage has been secretly knighted by Queen Elizabeth Deuce, as the Guardian reports today:

Cindy Sheehan Urges Canada to Welcome US Deserters

By Howard Williams,

Ottawa ( - America's so-called "Peace Mom" arrived Thursday in Canada's capital to urge politicians to give safe haven to U.S. military deserters escaping service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sheehan also called on Canada to pull its own troops out of Afghanistan.

Referring to her past protests outside the White House and outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch, Cindy Sheehan called on ordinary Canadians to pitch tents outside the residence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

A Setback for Democracy

The US-led invasion in Iraq interrupted the Middle East’s gradual movement toward liberalization
By Dilip Hiro, YaleGlobal, 4 May 2006

Democracy interrupted: Countries like Iran try to quell the cultural

LONDON: An elected Iraqi government is about to take office in
Baghdad – the first since the brief democratic experiment that began
with direct multiparty parliamentary elections in 1953 and ended with

City Urges State to Pursue Impeachment

Dave Meserve, Arcata City Councilmember

The Arcata City Council last night voted (3-2) to send a letter to California State Senator Wes Chesbro and Assembly Member Patty Berg, requesting their support and sponsorship of Assembly Joint Resolution 39, which calls upon the US House of Representatives to initiate the Impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors. AJR-39, introduced by Assemblymember Paul Koretz, invokes Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the United States House of Representatives, which allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolution of a state legislature.

Protesters Heckle Rumsfeld On War

Former CIA Analyst Accuses Him Of Lying About Prewar Intelligence On Iraq

ATLANTA, May 4, 2006
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld speaks to the Southern Center for International Studies Thursday, May 4, 2006, in Atlanta. (AP)

"I did not lie." Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, responding to a heckler during a speech on Thursday, May 4, 2006

Lobbying Hitler's Legislature for Peace

By David Swanson

There are now 37 Congress Members backing an investigation into grounds for impeachment related to the war. Rep. Hilda Solis has joined the list of cosponsors of House Resolution 635, introduced by Congressman John Conyers.

This compares to 17 members backing Rep. Jim McGovern's bill to cut off funding for the war.


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