Staying to the Left: Finding a Strategy in the Wake of Sanders’ Cave-in

By Laurie Dobson

If you are on the left with nowhere to go, as Laurence O’Donnell explains in a ‘viral’ meme, you have to show that you are capable of not voting.

As Caitlin Johnstone has warned on April 13, in her article, at , there will be a barrage of manipulation designed to pressure you to abandon your position.

As Seth Myers demonstrates, as he mimics Trump to a “T” the man you would be helping to elect by not voting is someone who deserves every epithet you can think up: scurrilous, venal, base, horrific, preposterous, vile, and so on. All true.

As Stephen Colbert so eloquently makes the case, with guests from Pod Save America, you are not someone who deserves this country if you do not force yourself to accept Biden, although the argument used for rejecting Trump is a clear rationale for also rejecting Biden. Jon Favreau (POS co-founder) said that “optimism is one thing, but you cannot allow someone to give you false hope.” Jon Lovett (another POS co-founder) warned about chilling consequences with Supreme Court under continued Republican control.

Jenn Dize (on Status Coup), relaying the news that Justin Chariton has come down with COVID-19, has expressed that she and others are confused about the right way to proceed.

Joe Rogan has said he can’t vote for that guy (Biden) and he will probably vote Trump because Joe cannot finish a sentence.

Governor Andrew Cuomo does not spell it out, but he makes it clear that the Federal level disaster handling is bad, leaving States to scrounge for themselves, which is Trump’s fault. Of all the messages, his way of explaining how things are rolling out is the message that I consider the most. What will keep occurring if nothing changes?

I know one thing: when we vote left, we get more of the same, it is just packaged better.

Even when you make crap palatable you are still eating shit. That’s what I have learned. Obama still wears the crown in the Democratic kingmaker camp, and has convinced people he is the ideal President, that is, until you look at his actions and if you remain unfazed by his glamor, as Jimmy Dore details the evils he extended and did not extinguish on his watch.

I could refer to more reactions on the left and include names of all the youth organizations that are not giving in to the pressure to fold their vote into the “progressive” vote Biden camp and stop resisting. Here is a sample.

My decision, though, is that it is not enough at this point to quit and follow Bernie in his call to join him in supporting Biden

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