Sanders Wins as DNS, Perez and Buttigieg Do the Impossible, Disgracing Themselves

With a solid 6000 vote lead Bernie Sanders declares victory on Thursday in chaotic (and perhaps unsuccessfully DNC-hacked) Iowa Caucus, even as much of the media continue to adhere to ‘Buttiguido’s’ patently false narrative that he’s ‘won’ the State Delegate Equivalent tally.

By Dave Lindorff

Hooray for Bernie Sanders!

He waited until he had the numbers and now he’s calling it. He won Iowa!

Maybe the same corporate media that have been talking about Pete Buttigieg being the “presumptive winner” in the messy Iowa Caucus, now that their story is collapsing are unwilling to call it for Bernie, Sanders, in a televised announcement today from New Hampshire, said,  “Even though the vote tabulations have been extremely slow, we are now at a point with some 97% of the precincts reporting, where our campaign is winning the popular initial vote by some 6,000 votes.” He adds, “And when 6,000 more people come out for you in an election than your nearest opponent, we here in northern New England call that a victory.”

Bernie won Iowa fair and square. Pete Buttigieg, used a dirty trick to get the last Iowa poll (which we now know would have shown Sanders winning and Biden tanking, which is about how the actual vote  turned out), blocked and its findings withheld from the public. Then as the reporting of the caucus vote results got increasingly chaotic and delayed, he declared himself the winner without any returns available to back himself up. Now he has become the Juan Guaidó  of American politics, a sad little man,  trying like Venezuela’s Guaidó to fake his way into being considered a national leader.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the same national media that embarrassed themselves by adopting the ludicrous Guaidó as Venezuela’s “authentic” if unelected president,  also bought Buttigieg’s sham claim to the title of Iowa Caucus winner.  Buttigieg should at this point, as his fraud collapses, be laughed out of future primaries by voters for his premature and fact-free Iowa “victory” charade.

Now that Bernie has Iowa in his pocket, he and his hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country should demand the resignation or firing of Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and the entire DNC, which have shown themselves to be incapable of being impartial overseers of a national primary, and what’s almost as bad, as incompetent.

Look at Perez’s recent actions:  He nominated a gaggle of Clinton and Obama holdovers to be members of the coming National Convention Committee. He also, after receiving a $300,000 check) let billionaire Mike Bloomberg jump into the campaign debates, without his having entered any primaries. Perez also hired a bunch of Clinton campaign veterans, working for a tech company they founded called Shadow Inc., to develop the smart-phone app that blew up the Iowa Caucuses.These acts by Perez are grounds for giving him the axe as DNC chair.

Did I mention that Perez and the DNC also kept secret the name of the company that made this vote tallying app, Shadow Inc., and the names of its owners and principals to inquiring reporters? Or that a member of Buttigieg’s campaign staff was a $44,000 investor in the secretive firm?


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