New TCBH! poem by Gary Lindorff: ‘Leaving Rome’ (written in Ireland)

Let every crack be a place for seeds to sprout,

Let the forest return to this place!
Let the rocks be done wearing our face,
And may every fractured avenue lead out!

Rome is crumbling.

All of the magic
That will save us is outside of Rome.

Inside the empire
Everything is falling.
It’s a magic-vacuum
That has sucked us in for so long
That we began to believe that every road
Ultimately led nowhere!

If you are still in Rome
You can hear the buildings imploding.
The walls are all falling inward
Like a massive demolition.
Everything is falling toward the center.

Only outside of the walls is there life.

I had forgotten what magic was
Until I was on the Burren
And I heard the call of the cuckoo
And a wise person instructed me
To still the chatter in my head.
And then there was the sound
Of water trickling from a sacred well.
And I wondered,
How can I go back?…


For the rest of this poem by resident poet GARY LINDORFF in ThisCantBeHappening!, the uncompromised, collectively run, six-time Project Censored award-winning news site, please go to:

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