Focus: Update on The Poisoning of the Ex-Russian Spy

Theresa May to warn a summit of European leaders in Brussels that Russia poses a threat to all EU member states –

UK to ask EU leaders to expel Russian spies from own countries – The Guardian

Boris Johnson compares Russia’s World Cup to Hitler’s Olympics – POLITICO

EU fails to back UK line on Kremlin culpability for Salisbury attack – POLITICO

Statement by the EU Foreign Affairs Council on the Salisbury attack – Consilium

Germany, France reject UK-proposed Russia sanctions over Skripal case: Source – Sputnik International


Russia official statement: Aide-memoire to clarify the state of affairs as regards the so-called ‘Skripal case’ – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Kremlin spokesman Peskov: Skripal was of ‘zero value’ to Russia after spy swap, so why poison him now? – RT World News

Interview with Vladimir Uglev, the Russian scientist who developed Novichok: ‘It is possible, with the aid of various types of analyses, to determine where the specific dose was produced and by whom’  – The Bell

Soviet-era scientist Leonid Rink helped create Novichok, confessed to having secretly sold the poison for cash which was used to murder a Russian banking magnate and his secretary in 1995 – Reuters

Secret trial involving Leonid Rink shows risks of nerve agent theft in post-Soviet chaos, it may have got into the hands of people not acting for the Russian state: experts – Reuters

Russian scientist Leonid Rink says Russian nerve gas Novichok is ‘easily available to professionals, and there is no problem for Britain, the U.S. and other developed nations to create such weapon’ – AP 

Exclusive: Other countries could have made ‘Russian’ nerve agent – New Scientist

ARCHIVE: Iranian chemists identify Russian chemical warfare Novichok agents –

Hero policeman Nick Bailey who was poisoned by nerve agent along with ex-spy Sergei Skripal ‘set to leave hospital’ – The Sun

Full horror of nerve gas and how to treat it: Ways medics will try to save victims as they remain critical in hospital – Mirror Online

Two to three weeks to analyze samples from Salisbury attack: OPCW –

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