Focus: Brexit

UK government to press on with Brexit bill without the consent of the Scottish and Welsh governments – BBC News

UK to table new offer on post-Brexit powers for Scotland and Wales after talks fail – The Guardian

UK ministers accused of trying to ‘bounce’ the Scottish government into Brexit deal – The Scotsman

Scottland alternative Brexit Bill clears first stage at Holyrood – HeraldScotland

Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon warns against ‘extreme Brexit now being pursued by the Prime Minister [May]’, favors the EU customs union and the single market – Daily Mail Online


Labour says ‘inevitable’ U.K. will stay in an EU customs union – Bloomberg

Jeremy Corbyn could become prime minister if Conservatives fail to achieve ‘workable Brexit’, warns Tory minister – The Independent

No Brexit deal until next year, U.K. officials say privately – Bloomberg

Brexit ‘will make Britain poorer over 15 years under all possible scenarios’, UK Government’s impact report finds – London Evening Standard

UK government report: EU exit analysis cross Whitehall briefing –

UKGOV Brexit report released, including Scottish impact – Autonomy Scotland

Brexit study warns over chemical industry – BBC News

Preparing for the worst, UK carmakers warn of Brexit trade barrier costs –

Brexit: Fair farm funding urged by farming Union of Wales – BBC News

Gibraltar will veto parts of Brexit deal if its sovereignty is threatened, chief minister warns – Telegraph

European Council President Donald Tusk put forward draft negotiating guidelines rejecting Theresa May’s Brexit vision – POLITICO

Statement by President Donald Tusk on the draft guidelines on the framework for the future relationship with the UK – EU Council

Text of the EU’s draft guidelines for ties with Brexit Britain: annotated –

EU’s Tusk warns Brexit talks cannot advance without Irish deal – AFP


Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar – EU Council

Donald Tusk rules out Brexit deal on financial services , warns ‘life will be different’ for UK banking sector after country’s exit – POLITICO

Financial services must be part of free trade agreement: UK Chancellor Hammond – Financial Reporter

UK should not favor financial services in Brexit: Labour Party –

EU backs future research cooperation, but rejects UK bid to stay in European Medicines Agency – Science|Business

EU lawmakers tell UK – post-Brexit deal should be about more than trade –

EU chiefs acting like gang leaders over Brexit threats, says UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox – The Guardian

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  1. The prime minister was responding to a legal text published by the EU as part of the Brexit negotiations with the UK. The EU’s draft legal agreement proposes a “common regulatory area” after Brexit on the island of Ireland – in effect keeping Northern Ireland in a customs union – if no other solution is found.

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