Focus: Turkey’s Syria Offensive

Rebuffing US Erdoğan says Turkey will not step back from Afrin operation, “We will take control of Afrin, as we did in the Syrian towns of Jarabulus, al-Rai and al-Bab” – Daily Sabah

Erdogan slams US and allies for sending “planeloads of arms” to “terrorists” ahead of emergency UN session – Zero Hedge

Erdogan says he secured a go-ahead for the Afrin campaign from Russia, “We discussed this with our Russian friends, we have an agreement with them” –

VIDEO (English subtitles): Erdogan warns to the USA saying don’t interfere our operation, otherwise your soldiers also would be killed in these land – YouTube

VIDEO (English subtitles): Erdoğan: U.S. support to PYD/YPG forced Turkey to intervene – anews


Turkey’s Afrin operation to create 30 km deep safe zone, PM Yıldırım says – Daily Sabah

Turkish military extends Afrin operation to Azaz – Daily Sabah

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ : Turkey gave no guarantee that operation would be limited to Syria’s Afrin – Daily Sabah

Turkish army also targeted SDF in Tel Halaf, SW of Serêkaniyê/Ras al-Ayn – baco on Twitter

White House urges Turkey to exercise restraint in Syria’s Afrin region – VOA

VIDEO: Tillerson: U.S. asks Turkey, Syria to ‘show restraint’ – YouTube

US seeks to address Turkey’s ‘legitimate’ security concerns, Reports say the US is discussing with Turkey and others the possibility of a ‘security zone’ being set up in north-west Syria – BBC News

Kurds published a photo of US general Vettel in Kobani, as Turkey refuses to discuss with the US on a security zone plan in northern Syria until it cuts its ties with the YPG – Guy Elster on Twitter

Lavrov says Turkey infuriated by ‘unilateral’ US actions in Syria, ‘There needs to be a role for Kurds in the Syrian political process, but that role must work on a common platform… respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria’ –

Lavrov says US “discouraging the Kurds from dialogue” with the Syrian government and “fomenting separatist sentiment” among them – TASS

Kurds invited to join Syria peace congress in Sochi: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov – The Straits Times

VIDEO (English): Press conference in Moscow: Lavrov on US, Turkey and Syria (Starts at 23:50 min) – YouTube

Syrian Kurds will likely not attend Russia’s Sochi congress: politician – Reuters

Turkey, Russia, Iran agree on ‘1,600-attendee list’ for Sochi meeting –

Syria, Russia and Iran win major base, split rebels in two as war shifts West in 2018 –

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