Focus: The FBI, Clinton and the Russian Uranium Deal – Oct 18, 2017

Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery case – TheHill

Grassley probes Clinton ‘conflicts of interest’ amid new questions in Russia uranium deal – Fox News

Grassley statement at Justice Dept. Oversight Hearing – Chuck Grassley

Grassley releases a series of letters he fired off  to 10 federal agencies, addressing the uranium deal – United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary

VIDEO: Senate Judiciary’s Grassley questions AG Sessions on Uranium One – YouTube

Sessions says Justice to review Russian uranium deal – TheHill

WTH? Attorney General Sessions says Rosenstein can investigate HIMSELF in Uranium One criminal probe (VIDEO) –

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow – TheHill

Obama’s DOJ slow-walked probe of Russia uranium deal despite national security concerns – TheHill

FBI informant blocked from telling Congress about Russia nuclear corruption case, lawyer says – TheHill

AG Sessions could lift gag order on informant in Clinton-Russia-uranium probe –

Robert Mueller was FBI Director when agency hid evidence on Clinton-Russia connection – Daily Wire

The Clinton cover-up, brought to you by the same guys who have been investigating Trump: Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein – Fox News

VIDEO: Mueller and Rosenstein hid Clinton-Russia bribery scandal from Congress, They also sat on the CFIUS committee that approved the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia – thegatewaypundit

Republicans demand that special counsel Robert Mueller testify in a public congressional hearing on his investigation into possible ties between Donald Trump and Russia –

McCabe was involved in Russian bribery scheme AND Hillary’s exoneration statement, Why is he STILL in the FBI? –

Timeline: The Clintons, the Russians, and Uranium – Hot Air

Except Fox News, no media coverage of Obama-Clinton Russian uranium BOMBSHELL –

Trump says Comey ‘totally protected’ Clinton, swipes at DOJ as new documents confirm claims – Fox News

Was James Comey’s FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton decided before she was even interviewed? –

Text of the drafts of Director Comey’s July 5, 2016 statement regarding Clinton email server investigation –

Judicial Watch: FBI caught ‘red-handed’ suppressing documents on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting –

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