Focus: Iran – Oct 5, 2017

Official: Trump expected to decertify Iran nuclear deal, the President says ‘we must put an end to Iran’s continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. They have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement’ – Reuters

By decertifying Iran’s compliance but staying in the accord Trump’s Iran gambit keeps `worst deal ever’ intact, sources say – Bloomberg

Tillerson’s secret plan to keep US in Iran deal – CNNPolitics

H.R. McMaster hints he’s not behind Trump on decertifying Iran deal – CNNPolitics

Republicans not unified on killing Iran nuke deal –

More than 180 Dems, led by Jewish lawmaker and early opponent of Iran nuclear deal Deutch, sign letter pushing Trump to re-certify it – TheHill


Cotton says decertifying Iran isn’t necessarily the same as leaving the deal, Congress would act after Trump’s decision to lay out key requirements of a revised Iran agreement – Bloomberg

Sen. Cotton thinks ‘military strikes’ against Iran are ‘credible’ option, en route to speak to Trump calls for pushing Iran, China and Russia out of the negotiating room – ThinkProgress

A conversation on the Iran nuclear deal with Senator Tom Cotton – Council on Foreign Relations

VIDEO: Sen. Tom Cotton on why he disagrees with U.S. Secretary of Defense over Iran nuclear deal – YouTube

Chairman Royce announces Iran hearing on Wednesday, October 11 entitled ‘Confronting the full range of Iranian threats’ – Committee on Foreign Affairs

Editorial Board: Why decertifying the Iran nuclear deal would be a bad idea – The New York Times

Editorial Board: Trump’s dangerous folly on the Iran deal – The Washington Post

John Kirby: Trump has absolutely no reason to blow up the Iran deal – CNN

Annulling the Iran deal: A dangerous strategic mistake –

Iran, decertification, and the dangerous alternatives – Cato Institute

Report: Unforced error: The risks of confrontation with Iran – Cato Institute

The fanatical nuclear deal saboteurs return, their opposition to the nuclear deal is bound up entirely with their desire for confrontation with Iran and ultimately regime change – The American Conservative

‘World’s most robust’ nuclear inspection program under fire as Trump tries to rewrite the Iran deal – LA Times

Mideast analysts: Real problem with Iran nuclear deal is lack of true inspections –

Iran’s new missile a tweak, not a breakthrough – Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance

Iran nuclear deal: What happens to Boeing if the US decertifies – CNBC

Trump’s decision on Iran nuclear deal could cause major breach with allies in Europe – The Washington Post

Europe’s governments look to bypass Trump to save Iranian nuclear deal, their lobbying efforts are now focused on Congress – The Guardian

Europe will do everything to preserve Iran nuclear deal: EU Diplomat – The New York Times

EU reiterates its strong support for doing business with Iran –

Trump threats loom over Iran-EU business summit –


‘IMF, int’l banks not deterred by Trump’s pressure from working with Iran’: Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance –

Swiss banks coming to Iran – Financial Tribune

Total sticks to Iran gas plan despite US sanctions fears –

Why Europe is fighting to save the Iran deal, ‘Iran will not renegotiate this deal and Europe will not renegotiate this deal’ – The Atlantic

Iran top nuclear official starts tour of Europe –

Iran ‘won’t scrap JCPOA right away if US quits’: Zarif – PressTV

Iran offers nuclear deal compromise with US via Oman – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English

‘Zarif’s visits to Oman, Qatar giant step towards promotion of ties’: Analyst –

Qatar’s Emir Tamim: We are comfortable with our growing Iran relations – Al Arabiya English

Leaders of Iran, Turkey stress opposition to Kurdish state – The Washington Post

Is Turkey turning to Iran and if so, why? – Jerusalem Post

Iranian, Iraqi Government forces to hold joint border drills as part of Tehran’s effort to support Baghdad after the Kurdish independence referendum: Iran TV – US News

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