Focus: The GOP Tax Plan – Oct 2, 2017

VIDEO (and transcript): Schumer: GOP using ‘fake numbers’ for tax plan, completely focused on wealthy and powerful – RealClearPolitics

VIDEO (and transcript): Sanders: Republican tax plan ‘massive transfer of wealth’ to the rich – RealClearPolitics

VIDEO (and transcript): Mnuchin: No tax cuts for wealthy, benefits for middle class, $1 trillion cut in deficit – RealClearPolitics

VIDEO (and transcript): Mulvaney: Too early to judge Trump tax plan. We’re working with Congress the details – RealClearPolitics

Republican senator Rand Paul criticizes Trump tax plan, his message could signal difficulties for tax reform in the Senate – Reuters

Tax reform through the Republican-controlled Congress already faces some stumbling blocks: Bob Corker, GOP lawmakers voice debt concerns – Business Insider

Meadows: I won’t rule out raising taxes on wealthy to partially pay for tax cuts – Breitbart


Senate Republicans release their budget blueprint for the upcoming fiscal year, paving the way for a tax overhaul without Democratic buy-in – POLITICO

Trump’s tax fight could look a lot like the war over healthcare, The president’s framework leaves all the details up to the same Republicans who failed disastrously to destroy Obamacare – VICE

Donald Trump pitches tax cuts as ‘rocket fuel’ to propel economic growth and ultimately translate to more jobs and better wages – The New York Times

Remarks by President Trump to the National Association of Manufacturers –

POLL: Half of Americans think President Trump’s tax plan will favor the wealthy, while only 10 percent think it will mainly benefit the middle class – The Washington Post

POLL: Most say Trump’s tax reform not likely to cut their own taxes – Rasmussen Reports

POLL: Bipartisan consensus among voters on need for tax reform, voters want tax code to give middle class a break and keep jobs in America –

POLL: Most support a corporate tax cut if it boosts US competitiveness –

Editorial Board: A boondoggle masquerading as tax reform – The New York Times

Editorial Board: Trump’s tax ‘miracle’: Cowardice and dishonesty – The Washington Post

Editorial Board: Will Trump’s tax cuts profit Trump? – The Washington Post

Editorial Board: Trump tax plan puts ultra-rich before the middle class – Chicago Sun-Times

AFL-CIO: Republican tax plan a con game against working people – AFL-CIO

Trump tax reform plan: Wall Street reactions – Business Insider

GOP tax plan would provide major gains for richest 1%, small and uneven benefits for the middle class, Tax Policy Center report says – The Washington Post

Editorial Board: Tax Policy Center propaganda, The media’s go-to think tank trashes GOP reform without evidence. – WSJ

REPORT: A preliminary analysis of the unified framework – Tax Policy Center

Tax reform in the age of inequality, the GOP tax reform plan only exacerbates what has become an increasingly dire trend for poor and low-income families –

One thing is clear. This tax plan is not designed to help low-income families – AEI

Use tax reform to strengthen what’s working: The low-income housing tax credit – TheHill

‘What a rigged economy looks like’: The top 10% now own 77% of American wealth –

Here are the actual tax rates the biggest companies in America pay – MarketWatch

Trump plan aims new foreign tax at Apple, other multinationals – Chicago Tribune

Factcheck: Democrats overstate Trump tax plan effects, when sticking to the facts would have served them just as well –

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