Focus: North Korea – Sep 18, 2017

U.S. and South Korean jets drop live bombs in a new, massive show of force aimed at North Korea – The Washington Post

PHOTOS: Japanese, Korean and U.S. aircraft conduct show of force in response to North Korean missile launch – U.S. Pacific Command

US aircraft carrier group to conduct joint exercise with South Korean forces next month, joint missile warning drills will be carried out – The Straits Times

VIDEO: Exclusive look at a US-unit in South Korea designed to limit the damage to Seoul from North Korea’s weapons in the event of war – CNN

Japan’s Abe in NYT: Dialogue With North Korea is a dead end – The Daily Caller

Shinzo Abe op-ed: Solidarity against the North Korean threat – The New York Times

South Korea leader Moon discusses purchase of high-tech weaponry during phone call with Trump – The Hankyoreh


‘Frankenmissile’: A look at South Korea’s devastating answer to North Korea’s nuclear threat – The Independent

U.S. Ambassador Haley: U.N. has exhausted options on North Korea and US may hand issue to Pentagon –

VIDEO: Nikki Haley sends frightening message to North Korea – YouTube

Tillerson says military option will be ‘only one left’ if diplomacy fails on North Korea (VIDEO) – CBS News

Mattis hints at military options on North Korea that might spare Seoul from a brutal counterattack, but offers no details – Reuters

Mattis: U.S. hasn’t yet seen the need to shoot down North Korean missile tests because they have not posed a direct threat – LA Times

VIDEO: Rep. Scott Taylor: We should consider shooting down North Korea missile test – MSNBC

VIDEO: Ex-Navy SEAL: Time to shoot down North Korea missile tests – YouTube

How to neutralize North Korea’s nuclear threat without starting a world war, by forming a missile defense perimeter surrounding North Korea that would knock down every missile launched – ABC News

No, We cannot shoot down North Korea’s missiles, ‘The success rate of the GMD systems in flight intercept tests has been dismal’  – Defense One

Israel can teach South Korea lessons about missile defense – Breibart

Stavridis recommends naval blockade to put pressure on NKorea –

Stavridis op-ed: Naval Blockade is the best option to cut off North Korea – Bloomberg

VIDEO: A naval blockade: controversial option that may work in North Korea? – MSNBC

A blockade of North Korea would be folly, risking armed clashes with Russia and China by seizing ships flying their flags – The American Conservative

A naval blockade would waste resources and do little when most of North Korea’s trade is land-based –

Discussion: What would be the consequences of a naval blockade on North Korea? –

Russia and China join forces for navy drills off North Korean coast –

China holds military exercise to fend off ‘surprise attack’ along North Korea border, prepares for the eventuality of US-led coalition forces advancing beyond the 38th parallel – Zero Hedge

China rejects US demands for pressure on NKorea – The Sun Herald

Why North Korea is a black hole for American spies, the military likely doesn’t have enough accurate intelligence to take out its nuclear and missile facilities – POLITICO

How would the U.S. defend against a North Korean nuclear attack? –

AUDIO: North Korea: What are the military options? – Center for Security Policy

Trump may have to settle for deterring, not disarming, North Korea – Yahoo News

US needs to shift to a different policy: containment. The case for letting North Korea keep its nukes – Vox

POLL: Most South Koreans doubt the North will start a war – US News

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