Focus: Trump, Pelosi and Schumer – Sept 14, 2017

Trump, Dems move closer to deal on DACA after a Wednesday dinner between the President, Pelosi and Schumer – CNN

Trump confirms support for law to protect ‘Dreamers’, says immigration deal with Democrats close – The New York Times

VIDEO: Trump: We are working on DACA plan, the wall will come later – YouTube

Pelosi, Schumer: Trump’s tweets ‘not inconsistent’ with DACA agreement – TheHill

Pelosi and Schumer joint statement following dinner with President Trump – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi wants bipartisan border security attached to Dream Act –


VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi says trusts Donald Trump’s sincerity on DACA – YouTube

VIDEO: Full briefing of Rep. Pelosi addressing DACA agreement with Trump – YouTube

VIDEO: Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor addressing DACA agreement with Trump – YouTube

VIDEO : Sen. Charles Schumer caught on hot mic saying: ‘Trump likes us, likes me anyway’ – YouTube

‘A new strategy’ for Trump? Democrats cautious but encouraged by fresh outreach. – The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi rises again — thanks to President Trump – POLITICO

Pelosi, Schumer face ire from the left over Dreamer talks with Trump – POLITICO

POLL: Most voters welcome Trump’s outreach to Congressional Democrats – Rasmussen Reports

Strange but true: Praise in lefty San Francisco for Pelosi and Trump — gasp — working together – LA Times

Strange bedfellows: Jimmy Carter defends Trump approach to immigration law – The Olympian

Gorka: Trump won on ‘Make America Great Again,’ not ‘Make the GOP Great Again’ – Fox News Insider

Trump Suggests More Deals With Dems: ‘We got very poorly treated’ by GOP – Mediaite

Trump expects — and will court — Democratic support on tax reform – CNNPolitics

Trump says rich might pay more in taxes, talks with Democrats –

Editorial: How about Trump-Schumer-Pelosi tax reform? – The Baltimore Sun

Opinion: Dealing with Democrats, Trump’s anti-establishment credentials shine – TheHill

GOP feels betrayed by Trump’s dealmaking with Dems, The president’s immigration talks with Schumer and Pelosi exacerbate Republican frustration with the White House – POLITICO

Zero percent surprising: Republicans are trying to play down Trump’s new bipartisan streak – The Washington Post

Congress’ far right melts down over Trump’s DACA deal with Democrats – Talking Points Memo

Paul Ryan: ‘There is no agreement’ between Trump and Democrats on DACA – CNBC

VIDEO: Paul Ryan at the press conference: ‘There is no agreement’ on DACA between Trump and Democrats – YouTube

McConnell Tells Trump: Send Congress your DACA proposal – Talking Points Memo


House Majority Leader McCarthy: GOP isn’t angry with Trump for dealing with Democrats – CNBC

Congressional GOP moves on tax reform as Trump woos Democrats – NBC News

Conservatives recoil at Trump’s accommodation with Democrats over DACA – The New York Times

Report: Trump caves on DACA, wants ‘quick’ amnesty for 800K illegal aliens – Breitbart

Sean Hannity despairs, blames GOP for Trump’s DACA deal: ‘They wanted him to fail and now pushed him into arms of political suicide’ – Mediaite

Ann Coulter: Who doesn’t want Trump impeached? If we’re not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence –

VIDEO: Ann Coulter reacts to the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer DACA deal – YouTube

Richard Spencer, white nationalist leader, dismayed over possible Trump DACA deal – Washington Times

How GOP attorneys general forced Trump to act on DACA, gaving him a deadline of Sept. 5 to rescind it-

Federal judge urges Trump administration to push back DACA deadline – The New York Times

DHS mulling deadline extension for Dreamers to reapply for DACA: report – TheHill

San Jose sues Trump, claiming DACA rescission is harming the city – CBS San Francisco

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