Focus: Brexit Update – Sept 12, 2017

Theresa May faces multiple rebellions over EU withdrawal bill challenging use of Henry VIII powers, calling for vote on the final terms of Brexit and demanding retention of the charter of fundamental rights – The Guardian

Tories threaten to team up with Labour to ruin Brexit bill – Daily Mail Online

John Penrose op-ed: With my proposed changes to the repeal bill, Henry VIII will stay in his grave – The Guardian

Statement of Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State Keir Starmer following the vote in the House of Commons on the EU Withdrawal Bill – Labour Press

Labour publishes amendments to the EU withdrawal bill: Details – The Guardian

Scottish government recommends rejection of EU withdrawal bill – Reuters


Full text of the a total of 136 amendments and 29 clauses to the EU withdrawal bill tabled by MPs –

Hammond says U.K. is seeking Brexit transition in which it temporarily keeps its access to the European Union’s single market after it departs – Bloomberg

Main points on EU transition from Philip Hammond’s evidence to the Lords economic affairs committee – The Guardian

Brexit: Ports could plunge into chaos if UK crashes out of EU without deal, Philip Hammond admits – The Independent

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn says he will seek full access to EU single market if prime minister – The Independent

Brexit: workers’ rights best secured by staying in EU single market, says TUC chief – The Guardian

Thousands join pro-EU march in London: We have to stop Brexit – Daily Mail Online

VIDEO: ‘Exit from Brexit’: Protesters march in London to demand U-turn on EU withdrawal – RT UK

EU flags at Last Night of the Proms anger Farage – The Guardian

Tony Blair says UK could restrict immigration without leaving the EU – The Guardian

We don’t have to leave the EU to control immigration – Tony Blair Institute

VIDEO: Tony Blair on Brexit and immigration – YouTube

TRANSCRIPT: Tony Blair on Brexit and immigration – The i newspaper online iNews

Andrew Adonis op-ed: The way forward on Brexit is a new referendum in 2019 on the terms of the EU withdrawal bill with the options being to accept the deal on offer or stay in the EU – The Guardian

EU parliament chiefs say not enough Brexit progress so far to move on to negotiations on a future EU-Britain trade deal – Business Recorder

EU’s Verhofstadt rejects UK’s Brexit security paper as a ‘trade off’ between security and the future economic relationship –

European parliament Brexit chief Verhofstadt urges May to address MEPs – The Guardian

VIDEO: Guy Verhofstadt: ‘Theresa May should address the entire European Parliament’ – YouTube

VIDEO: Brexit: Verhofstadt says Northern Irish must have representation in the European Parliament after 2019 – YouTube


U.K. and EU delay next round of Brexit negotiations – Bloomberg

New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU – The Guardian

UK MPs threaten to block any big Brexit divorce bill – Daily Mail Online

Brexit latest RBS chief destroys hopes of cheap Brussels divorce bill –

UK eurosceptic backbenchers urge May to walk away with no Brexit deal –

Merkel ally warns Theresa May’s approach to Brexit ‘will not work’ – The Independent

Brexit news: Germany will do ANYTHING to STOP hard exit as economy suffers –

Germany plans for ‘worst-case scenario’ Brexit, The head of Germany’s Automotive Association says a cliff-edge Brexit will ‘change everything’ but the UK will pay a higher price – Sky News

Toyota’s future investment in UK ‘at risk from Brexit uncertainty’ – The Guardian

Post-Brexit customs checks could cost 4 billion pounds a year, study says –

Brexit could cause gaps on retailer’s shelves if problems surrounding new customs processes are not addressed: British Retail Consortium –

What happens if Brexit negotiations don’t work? – The Atlantic

UK economy ‘treading water’ as eurozone stretches ahead, says British Chambers of Commerce – The Guardian

Europe sheds its Brexit baggage and aims for a bold new relaunch – Bloomberg Quint

Juncker to lay out vision for stronger post-Brexit EU – The New York Times

VIDEO: Watch Juncker’s State of the Union: live Sep 13, 9:00 CEST – Euronews

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