Focus: United States and North Korea

Trump, Moon agree to boost South Korean missile capabilities, revise missile treaty amid North Korea’s threats – Reuters

U.S., South Korea differ on readout of Trump and Moon call, the issue is whether they agreed on beginning to talk with North Korea – CBS News

‘THAAD’ gains acceptance in South Korea following Pyongyang’s tests, President Moon gives the go-ahead for completion of the antimissile battery – WSJ

Additional THAAD deployment in South Korea likely next week: report –

South Korea rules out bringing back US nukes after North Korea missile launch –

With tensions high, U.S. and South Korea finish military drills –


The US gave North Korea a new threat to worry about —F-35 stealth jets – Business Insider

US conducts missile intercept test off Hawaii amid heightened tensions with North Korea – ABC News

VIDEO: Dramatic slow motion footage shows US Navy warship missile test in Hawaii intended to strike fear in North Korea – YouTube

US missile defence against North Korea’s rockets ‘100 per cent ready’, military chief says –

This Alaska military base is training to shoot down a North Korean nuclear missile – CNN

US vs North Korea: Trump’s military options poised to wipe out Kim Jong-un revealed –

Japan seeks record $48 billion defense budget to counter N. Korean ‘threat’ – RT News

Japan can repel a North Korean missile better than the U.S. or South Korea – Forbes

Can North Korea be contained? – The American Interest

United States must prepare for the new era, It must render Kim Jong-un’s ICBMs ineffective for anything other than his survival – 

ARCHIVE: From “engagement” to threat reduction: Moving toward a North Korea strategy that works –

Trump is right. Nuclear talks with North Korea are pointless, but that doesn’t mean war is the only option – Bloomberg

Likely US envoy to Seoul opposes engagement but also war with North Korea, aligns with the Trump administration’s emphasis that Beijing should bear the responsibility for restraining its key ally in Pyongyang  – VOA

North Korea: China and Russia warn US against military force – The People’s Daily

German top diplomat says North Korean war may result in more victims than WWII – TASS

Professor explains why we can’t pre-emptively strike North Korea: “North would turn south into a desert” – Zero Hedge

North Korea is just ‘a few months’ away from being able to send nuke-laden rockets to Europe or the US, France warns – Daily Mail Online

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un may launch sixth nuke next week, Satellite images suggest North Korean military base is ready for a new test – Daily Mail

North Korean soldiers told ‘war is imminent’ as tensions with US rise even higher – The Independent


North Korea leader’s public activity focused on missile development in July, Aug., among his 13 public activities 12 involved Kim inspecting military-related areas –

North Korea fired missile at half range, it only travelled 2,700km whereas the missile’s full range is said to be between 4,500km and 5,000km – Channel NewsAsia

What nuclear weapons do North Korea have and who would Kim Jong-un target in a missile strike? –

North Korean ICBM technology still falls short, experts says – Bloomberg

Timeline: A brief history of North Korea’s nuclear weapon development – USNI News

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