Focus: Russia and Syria – Aug 21, 2017

Russia boosts air campaign to help recapture key Syrian city Deir el-Zour – ABC News

During the past five days Russian planes made 316 sorties and carried out 819 strikes, ISIS terrorists pulling strongest units to Deir ez-Zor for last stand: Russian MoD – RT News

Central Syria almost liberated from terrorists, while Aleppo Province is already free from them: Russian General Staff – Sputnik International

Syria war: Russian jets ‘destroy IS convoy near Deir al-Zour’, Russia’s defence ministry said at least 200 jihadists died – BBC News

VIDEO (English subtitles and transcript): Syria briefing by Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy – Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

VIDEO: Russian air force destroys 200+ ISIS terrorists heading for Deir ez-Zor, Syria: Russia’s MoD – YouTube


Syrian Army secures strategic town Hamimah near Deir Ezzor from ISIS (VIDEO) –

Rebel spies exterminate ISIS gathering in Deir Ezzor, 8 jihadists killed –

ISIS’s Baghdadi is believed to have moved to eastern Deir Ezzor: source –

Syrian Army takes ISIS-held town Huwaysis near strategic gas field in central Syria –

Syrian Army liberates four more villages in central Syria –

VIDEO: Syrian Army overruns ISIS in the Syrian Desert –

MAPS: ISIS Collapses In Central and Southern Syria –

President Assad thanks Iran, Russia, Hezbollah in new speech, says no role for West & allies in Syria until they cut support to terrorists – RT News

Assad says Turkey not partner or guarantor for Syria – Sputnik International

Excerpts from President al-Assad speech: Everything related to the destiny and future of Syria is a 100% Syrian issue, unity of Syrian territory is self-evident and not up for debate – SANA

VIDEO (English): President Assad gives speech on Syria situation – YouTube

Russia’s top general to visit Ankara amid Turkish US tensions – VOA

Turkey keen on enhancing ties with Russia: Foreign Affairs Minister –

Turkey, Iran shake hands on joint mechanism with Russia in Idlib – Daily Sabah

Russia, Egypt work to help formation of collective Syrian opposition delegation, says Lavrov – Syrian Arab News Agency

Egypt’s role in Syria is ‘political’ not ‘militant’: Foreign Affairs Minister – Egypt Independent

Netanyahu to meet with Putin amid concerns over Iran’s Syria presence – Breaking Israel News

Mossad chief to join Netanyahu in meeting with Putin: report – The Times of Israel

How will the Netanyahu-Putin meeting affect the region? – Jerusalem Post

Israeli defense officials return from Washington empty-handed after they fail to secure a US commitment to ensure any agreement would include the evacuation of Iranians from Syria – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

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