Focus: Syria – July 29, 2017

ISIS militants fight back in Raqqa, hit SDF-held areas – ARA News

Daesh claims deadly attack in Syria against US-backed force – AP

Savage gunfights between Kurdish forces and ISIS in the streets of Raqqa (VIDEO) –

PHOTO: Raqqa: ISIS SVBIED attack against YPG in Raqqa today – WorldOnAlert on Twitter

In pictures: ISIS overruns, destroys Kurdish base in Hasakah (PHOTOS) –

At least 11 Kurdish fighters killed in clashes with ISIS in Syria’s Raqqa – ARA News


PHOTO: Today in Hesekê 11 YPG & 2 Asayîş members were burried who fell fighting daesh in Raqqa. A very sad day. – Rojava on Twitter

Raqqa: YPG suffered heavy losses in Raqqa [list] – WorldOnAlert on Twitter

Kurds may leave coalition Raqqa op if Turkish attacks continue: YPG Commander – Sputnik International

British ex-soldier arrested in Turkey and accused of fighting alongside Kurdish rebels –

Syrian Kurdish-brokered federalism expands its area in north Syria, the city of Raqqa is expected to join –

Kurdish-led administration in Syria announce elections dates – Rudaw

US increases military support to Kurdish-led forces in Syria – ARA News

US built 1.6M square meter military base in Kobani, Syria – Daily Sabah

Less than 2,000 Daesh fighters remain in Syria’s Raqqa: Coalition – Sputnik International

US tells local Syrian allies they must only fight ISIS and not the Syrian army, prompting exit of allied group –

Statemen of rebel group quitting anti-ISIL Coalition because US wont let them fight Syrian gov’t –

US cuts off weapons supply to rebel group in southern Syria –

US continues training Syrian rebels in Jordan to fight only the Islamic State –

Report: 4 US-backed Syrian rebels defect to government – The Sacramento Bee

ISIS militants resist Syrian Army push in southern Raqqa (VIDEO) –

In pictures: ISIS launches sudden shock attack against army forces in western Raqqa (PHOTOS) –

Syrian army reaches Sukhna town on Deir al-Zor road: Hezbollah media unit – Reuters

Tiger Forces enter administrative borders of Deir Ezzor province. Syrian Army in only 200m from strategic Sukhna town (VIDEO) –


Syrian Army’s special operation decimates ISIL’s HQ in Deir Ezzor –

Syrian Air Force destroys ISIL fortifications in Deir Ezzor – Mehr News Agency

About 15 members of the “Islamic State” organization were killed within 24 hours of airstrikes by unidentified warplanes in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor – SOHR

Syrian SANA news agency: US coalition’s bombing reportedly kills civilians in Syrian Deir ez-Zor again – Sputnik International

Turkish media: Assad shares oil revenues with PYD terrorists – Daily Sabah

According to brett_mcgurk, 10m Syria/n live under Assad control of which 60% Sunni while only 2m under rebels & 2m under ISIS – Elijah J. Magnier on Twitter

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