Focus: Turkey and Syria – July 19, 2017

Turkey leaks secret locations of U.S. troops in Syria –

US increases number of military posts in PKK/PYD-held territories in Syria to ten –

MAP: Turkish wire Anadolu published this map showing US bases in Syria. The US-led coalition in response slammed the story as irresponsible – Ragıp Soylu on Twitter

Turkey set to launch military operation against Kurds in northern Syria, says weapons given to the YPG “by various allied countries” have wound up in the hands of the PKK – Xinhua

Arab-Kurdish feud deepens as fears mount over battle for Raqqa, This week Turkish-backed Arab militias clashed with SDF units north of Aleppo – VOA


Turkish-backed rebels fail to capture northern Aleppo town –

Turkish Army suffers heavy casualties in latest attack on Kurdish-held northern Aleppo –

Turkish forces shell villages in Afrin and northern of Aleppo after the death, injury and capture of a large number of members of both parties in the first round of clashes – SOHR

After Russian mediation by a Turkish request… the Syria Democratic Forces hand over bodies of 9 fighters of the factions who were killed in the northern countryside of Aleppo – SOHR

Turkish authorities temporarily closing crossing borders with Syria – Qasion News Agency

VIDEO: Kurdish insurgents ambush Turkish Army vehicle, execute three soldiers –

VIDEO: Kurdish militants pick away at Turkish troops with missiles and snipers –

Turkish-YPG clashes rage around critical sites in northern Syria –

Analysis: Syrian Kurdish officials have recently shown more support for Saudi Arabia since its conflict with Qatar broke out and Turkey aligned itself with Doha – Syria Deeply

Russia continues its efforts to deploy its military police in the contact areas with the Turkish forces and their supported factions in the northern countryside of Aleppo – SOHR

Russia asked Kurds to hand Afrin to Syrian regime to stop Turkish attacks (VIDEO) –

VIDEO: Putin: I told Erdogan that unlike USA, Russia does not supply arms to YPG in Syria – YouTube

Turkey, close to S-400 deal with Russia, also goes for Eurosam solution –

Kurdish forces overrun more urban sites in Raqqa while ISIS fights back (VIDEO) –

Battle for Raqqa: Kurd forces admit setbacks but deny retreat, Syrian Democratic Forces and US reassessing tactics against IS amid reports of mass casualties among soldiers – Middle East Eye

FSA Arab faction within SDF kicked out of Raqqa operation, allegedly on US orders –

US armored vehicles seen pouring into Syria delivering U.S.-made MRAP, M-ATVs commonly operated by U.S special operations forces –

Pentagon: Rebel forces taking heavy casualties in Raqqa fight –


VIDEO: The battle for Raqqa rages as SDF count the cost – YouTube

Christian fighters in Raqqa report ISIS using drones IEDs –

ISIS suicide bomb attack targeting a checkpoint kills four in Kurdish-held Syrian Northeast –

ISIS releases a 5-minute propaganda video showing the methods and accomplishments of its snipers in the city of Raqqa (VIDEO) –

New information about video allegedly showing expecution of civilian by SDF members in Raqqa –

VIDEO: Horrifying video shows execution of unarmed man by US-backed forces In Raqqa countryside –

Syrian opposition accuses Kurdish-led forces of violations in Raqqa, SDF promises investigation – ARA News

Large protests against YPG in Northern Aleppo. People calling for the liberation of Arab areas under YPG control – WorldOnAlert on Twitter

VIDEO: Mass protests against YPG in Northern Aleppo – WorldOnAlert on Twitter

VIDEO: Video shows protests against YPG in Azaz – WorldOnAlert on Twitter

Isil leader Baghdadi ‘definitely still alive’, say Iraqi and Kurdish intel chiefs – Yahoo News

Trump Admin’s air war has reportedly killed 2,200 civilians in Syria and Iraq according to Airwars group – CBS Seattle

Operation Inherent Resolve monthly civilian casualty report – Operation Inherent Resolve

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow – The Washington Post

Syrian Army retakes fifteen oil wells from Daesh militants in Raqqa province – Sputnik International

Russia and Iran help Syria’s military take oil and gas fields from ISIS –

New advancement by the regime forces ends the presence of the “Islamic State” organization in the western and southwestern countryside of Al-Raqqa and their members start sweeping operations – SOHR

ISIS launches massive offensive on Syrian Army in Raqqa –


Syrian Army scores vital advance against ISIS along main highway leading to Deir Ezzor –

With Russian-Iranian support… Regime imposes its control over 40% of the Syrian territory and becomes the first controller of the largest area of it – SOHR

Syrian government, Kurdish forces agree to repair Tabaqa Dam together –

VIDEO: The war against Isis: the elite Tiger Forces in Syria – France 24

France wants major powers to make ‘proposals’ to Syrian warring parties, drops demands that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down – US News

Moscow speaks about second truce in Syria with Washington’s cooperation – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English

US-RU deal on Syria via to al-Hayat: Assad remains in power & Iranian actors will be kept far from southern Syria – Joshua Landis on Twitter

Information about the arrival of about 400 members of Russian separation forces to the south of Syria to carry of the first step after the ceasefire which continues in its 9th day – SOHR

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