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"No Permanent Bases in Iraq" -- It's the Least Congress Can Do

Please urge your Congress Member to co-sponsor H. Con. Res. 197, sponsored by Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

Ask Congress to End the War

Current Cosponsors

H. CON. RES. 197

Declaring that it is the policy of the United States not to enter into any base agreement with the Government of Iraq that would lead to a permanent United States military presence in Iraq.

June 30, 2005
Ms. LEE (for herself, Mr. BLUMENAUER, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. DEFAZIO, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. HINCHEY, Ms. KILPATRICK of Michigan, Mr. KUCINICH, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr. OLVER, Mr. SANDERS, Mr. SERRANO, Mr. SHERMAN, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. STARK, Ms. WOOLSEY, Ms. MCKINNEY, Mr. RUSH, Mr. DELAHUNT, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mr. CUMMINGS, Ms. WATERS, Mr. HONDA, Mr. JACKSON of Illinois, Mr. PAYNE, Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mrs. JONES of Ohio, Mr. TOWNS, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Mr. WATT, Mr. AL GREEN of Texas, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, and Ms. SCHAKOWSKY) submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations


Declaring that it is the policy of the United States not to enter into any base agreement with the Government of Iraq that would lead to a permanent United States military presence in Iraq.

Whereas on April 13, 2004, President George W. Bush stated: `As a proud and independent people, Iraqis do not support an indefinite occupation and neither does America.'; and

Whereas on February 17, 2005, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, testifying before the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate, stated: `We have no intention, at the present time, of putting permanent bases in Iraq.': Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress declares that it is the policy of the United States not to enter into any base agreement with the Government of Iraq that would lead to a permanent United States military presence in Iraq.

Ask Congress to End the War


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Wanna bet?

NO permanent bases in Iraq!

Military agression has no right to prosper. Impotency for all agressors and for all acts of violence. True power is in peace making.

u.s. and england out of iraq and afganistan now

Have some confidence in the Iraqis to create their own future. Who are we to think we should define it for them?!

Military presence is not needed or wanted in Iraq. Bring our troops home, and do not put any permanent bases in Iraq.

Lets see now. We have permanent bases in Kuwait, Turkey, Saudai,and Qutar. I guess is just a natural progression that our dommination in the region would require us to put bases in Afganistan and Iraq. But we are only doing it for the people :-).

It was bases in Saudi Arabia that was the main reason Bin Laden's suscide followers flew planes into the twin towers. To put perminate bases in Iraq wold only invite more and more attacks on American's worldwide. This administration and the Republican ChickenHawks who deceived the American public into this war know nothing of the history of the area.
We are the infidel, the forginer, the unbeleiver invading their soil. It matters not our reasons or intentions. We are their we must go or die. That is the mentality of these people. They still talk about the Crusades as if they were yesterday not 900 years ago.
If we stay with bases their will be no peace in the area and more attacks in the USA.

I believe the time has come that we as a nation create an exit strategy for Iraq. It may take until sometime in 2007 to pull out our troops but can someone please stand by Murtha and his exit strategy!

It is way past time to leave Iraq. This country is broke because of tax cuts for the wealthy and this senseless war. Call in John Rendon,under oath, and find out what he knows! If you don't know who he is ask Mr Chalabi in Iraq. The are good friends!

We do not have the right to establish permanent military bases in Iraq. We don't "own" Iraq or its oil. We have killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and destroyed their infrastructure. When we pull out our troops, bring everyone home and rerturn all infrastructure including military bases and oil to the Iraqi people.

It's getting past the time for the majority of our representatives to stand up, get a back bone and fight for we the people. If our Democrats are not going to stop this war, impeach Bush and scream for our rights many of us will leave the party and start up a new one. Stop this war, impeach Bush and company, save our much needed safety nets, save our enviroment, parks wilderness and wildlife. At least scream and try. So far you have been painfuly silent except in asking for more contributions. Stand together or we will vote you out.

let's leave the Iraqi people to their own means of governing their country. As we can see, our presensce is not appreciated or wanted there. Having permanent US military bases in Iraq would only continue to flame this inferno that we're already responsible for there. why make matters any worse?

We have no military base obligation in Iraq. Lets use our common sense and have a joint force to help Iraq rule itself.

Not exactly sure what you would regard as an "obligation", but the bases themeselves are already an accomplished fact -- 14 "enduring bases" at last count.

The omnipresence of the giant defense contractor KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown & Root), the shipments of concrete and other construction materials, and the transformation of decrepit Iraqi military bases into fortified American enclaves — complete with Pizza Huts and DVD stores — are just the most obvious signs that the United States has been digging in for the long haul. And the costs already incurred might seem to imply some "obligation" to their continued presence.

If the USA decided to place a base in Iraq , it would just become a target for the Al-Qaeda and other enemies of the American people.
It is quite obvious that Iraqis do not support an indefinite occupation by us on their land.
It seems to me that Mr. Bush has been hanging with the wrong crowd.
Perhaps he should be spending more time listening to "WE THE PEOPLE".

We need to provide medical care, infrastructure and the means for the Iraqi people to rebuild their country, not military bases and weapons in their faces.

Read "Rebuilding Americas Defenses," published by The Project for the New American Century (Bill Krystol, et al.). These are the guys who called for the war (BEFORE 9/11), and their overarching purpose was to build permanent military bases in the Middle East. This war was about oil, but it was MUCH more about building these bases to protect the oil.
Bush and his puppeteers will stay in Iraq as long as it takes to get these bases built for the long haul. They could care less about Iraq as a country. (1) Start the war to get the bases built (2) stabilize the country to get the oil flowing under our direction/protection (3) Party party party because we beat China to the oil. Congratulations! Our first Middle East base! These guys are criminal beyond category in the damage they've caused to the US, world stability, and Iraq.

This administration is deceiving the American people when we are told that there are no intentions of putting Bases in Iraq..that is because they already have. Also the largest American Embassy in the world is already built there. We are being lied to and the Gullibility of the American people never ceases to amaze and disillusion me.All they need to do is quit listening to all of the propaganda sound bites that tout Bush as the Second Coming and they would see that they have been lied to. We must demand that our troops be pulled out of Iraq and brought back home. This war was one that our Leaders lied us into. The evidence is indisputable.Back Rep. McGovern and his proposal to vacate Iraq Immediately.

Get us out of the Middle East,be it Iraq or any of their other hellholes in the middle of nowhere.Stop putting money into getting our kids killed and put it into renewable energy research even if it wrecks georgey and his evil minions in the oil industry.

So what if Bush and his oil company buddies are hurt? Why let more young Americans die because of oil?

The war in Iraq has become senseless beyond my comprehension, yet GWB and his buddies still want the war to continue and to have permanent U.S. military bases there?
I feel that we've invaded the country of Iraq shamelessly, and we have no business being there anymore.

Support Rep. Lee's bill to rule out permanent military bases in Iraq. One of the few issues that Iraq's governmental factions agree on is the need for the U.S. to set a timetable for the withdrawal of military forces from Iraq. The Bush administration has claimed (lied?) that the U.S. military is not an occupying force because it is in Iraq at the behest of the Iraq government. Now that the Iraq government wants our military to leave, we must leave and cease any imperialist ambitions.

Keep out of Iraq's ruling of their own country. What right do we have to establish permanent military bases?

There is no moral relativism possible here.

In terms of democracy, American values and just plain human decency,
this choice could not possibly
be more clear, stark and
black and white:

NO BASES=Integrity, and really giving a hoot
about the Iraqi people and THEIR rights and desires.
That is, if we were REALLY ever sincere about bringing
freedom and democracy to Iraq.

MAINTAINING BASES=Hypocritical U.S. Self-interest, and a desire to absolutely support greedy corporate desires
to take control of Iraq's trillion-dollar resources,
and shamelessly using the lives of American military personnel
to do it.

Once again...

NO BASES=Honesty, integrity, upholding freedom
and Iraqi self-determination.

MAINTAINING BASES=Dishonesty, greed, stealing, murder, corporatism.

Any questions??

I do not feel that it is right to build any permanent bases in Iraq.

Common Sense If you get the permanent in Irag out and leave the country the whole war will end. We have created the problem. We are the problem. Lets find a way to get the oil the right & just way. The people of that country have suffered far to much. Give them back their lives and their land and stop wasting our young people lives. You cannot control that part of the world with hard aggression.
Jeannette Mistretta

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